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RandomWalking Press Kit

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Fact sheet:

Developer: RandomWalking
Platforms: Android and iOS
Release Date: May, 2021 (Android) / June, 2022 (iOS)
Price: Free
Availability: Digital Download
Languages: English, Italian
PEGI: 3 For everyone
Press Contact: randomwalkingapp@gmail.com
Website: www.randomwalkingapp.com


RandomWalking is the app that guides you discovering the surroundings with just one simple suggestion: the direction in which to point your walk.
Designed for the spur-of-the-moment tourist with little time or who does not want to invest energy in planning his out-of-town trip. The goal of RandomWalking is to offer the most immediate and least invasive guide possible, to allow you to walk freely, with no constraints on the route to follow, but at the same time not to risk missing the main attractions that can be reached nearby. All with a navigation/guide system that even a child could use. Minimize time wasted looking at your smartphone screen and focus your attention on the world around you.


  • Simple - Only an arrow to follow. Find out where to go with a single glance, don't waste time and energy on a complicated map.
  • Fast and Immediate - No preparation and no planning. Open RandomWalking wherever you are and start getting suggestions right away.
  • Flexible - Directions are intentionally approximate, you choose where to go but also when not to follow them. RandomWalking will adapt to your decisions.

How to use it:

Follow the arrow and enjoy your surroundings. You will be notified when you arrive near a noteworthy attraction.
Want to learn more? swipe right and see the list of points of interest you've reached, find photos and information, or share it with your friends.

This app is for you if:

You are an outdoor tourism lover but hate planning your travels.
You like to move independently and not within an organized tour.
You feel like starting to explore a place right away, not studying a travel guide.
You prefer to improvise and be guided by your instinct, but you still don't want to miss any glimpses and attractions of the places you visit.


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RandomWalking story:

We like to walk, and we think it is the best way to discover and get to know a place and the people around us.
But we are always short of time and we don't like to waste it by planning an itinerary in detail, finding and choosing what is worth seeing or visiting and then being careful not to leave anything important behind. This is why RandomWalking was created: to make our short trips more relaxing and enjoyable.
After a short while we realized that we could no longer do without it, and before long a project that started for fun evolved into a full-fledged mobile app. Now everyone can try and share our way of discovering the world, for free.

Official logo and icon:

And now, are you ready to go?
Download RandomWalking, the discovery begins

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